Sicilian Pizza & Pasta is known as the home of the famous pizza combinations in Nashville TN. We have lived up to the reputation for over many years, even as we continue to grow in name and fame. We are renowned for the many outstanding services we provide. We specialize in Pizzas, Salads, Pasta Dishes, and many other delicious House Specialties.

We are dedicated to providing you with only the best tasting Pizzas. using only the highest quality ingredients available. We still make our pizzas the old fashioned way with our own dough and our special sauce. We also offer a wide variety of specialty pastas that come with free garlic bread or salad.
We deliver our entire menu, including our famous Pizzas, Pizza Crisps, Pasta, Pizza Salads®, Pizza Sandwiches®, and Pasta.
This is how we do our business:
ar We make our own dough
ar Use only the freshest vegetables
ar Use only the choicest meats
ar Use real 100% mozzarella cheese
ar Blend our own souce to perfection
ar Prepare pizza to customer’s order

    Open every day and night
    10 am until 5 am